About Us

The Isle of Arran has been the inspiration for many important artists and over the course of the coming year we will be working with members of the local community to search out, celebrate and document this rich heritage through the establishment of an island wide Arts Heritage Trail.

We will be creating the trail through the landscape identifying key points of inspiration for artists, which locals and visitors will be able to explore both in the natural environment and digitally online. The physical trail will be expanded online through this website, documenting the unique collection of renowned artists who spent time working on Arran, as well as showcasing their work.

The trail will include stories and memories from islanders who encountered artists working in the landscape, and a series of newly commissioned photographs capturing the landscapes that were, and continue to be, the source of such creativity. A dedicated archive will be established to hold and provide access to this untold story for current and future generations, and a film documenting the making and inspiration behind the creation of the trail will be produced.

We hope the Arts Heritage Trail will provide a source of joy, surprise, learning and inspiration for those who visit and explore it, whether physically, digitally or both (of course we hope both).

Please do check out Facebook, twitter and instagram for more information and updates on the project and please feel free give us your thoughts and comments on the project.

The Arts Heritage Trail Team.


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